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Best 5 ply Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

Are you looking for corrugated boxes for fragile and heavy products? Pacfo provides affordable 5-ply box packaging for your valuable items. These boxes feature unique properties that help to keep your products safe during transit and storage. They offer extensive support for stacking many boxes over one another. They excel in stacking strength due to their sturdy design and fluted layer.

What are 5 ply corrugated boxes?

5 ply boxes are the ones that have two fluting layers glued between three layers of outer liner board. The double wall arrangement makes them more rigid than other carton boxes. You can use these boxes for packing heavy or fragile products,

Highlighting features of 5-ply corrugated boxes

Stacking strength

These boxes are solid stacking cartons. They provide great support for piling many boxes on top of each other.

Extra fluted layer

The extra corrugated layers placed on the walls enhance the weight-loading capacity of the box. It offers more protection against compression and abrasions during shipment processes.

Shock absorption

The shock-absorbing qualities of 5 ply corrugated boxes are prominent. This feature is worthwhile for shipping fragile or delicate goods.


5 ply boxes offer the versatility required to protect and showcase your goods. Their adaptability finds applications across various logistics sectors.

Natural adhesive

Manufacturers do not use bleaches or dyes to make 5-ply corrugated boxes. Instead, they use starch-based adhesive to glue fluting layers between walls.


5 ply corrugated box manufacturers use 100% eco-friendly materials. Even if you dispose of the boxes, they will naturally break down in a landfill and not adversely affect the environment.

Easy assembly

These corrugated boxes are easy to assemble and disassemble. Their user-friendly characteristics will save your time and effort in the packaging process.


The combination of fluting layers and linear boards creates a rigid structure. It enhances the durability and load-bearing capacity of the boxes.

Cost efficiency

The price of 5-ply heavy-duty shipping boxes varies based on their shape and size. If you buy them in bulk, you get the benefit of saving money.


Another salient feature that makes these boxes a preferable packaging material is that they weigh less. Their lightweight helps minimize shipping costs and handle logistics operations efficiently.


5 ply corrugated boxes offer versatility to pack products of all kinds. Whether storing electronic goods or perishable fruits and vegetables, the boxes ensure safety. Their fluting layers provide cushioning to the goods, and keep them safe during shipments. Their adaptability feature suits various industries, including e-commerce, retail, and agriculture.

Corrugated boxes differ based on their fluting layers and linear boards. 3-ply boxes have a single fluting layer sufficient for packing heavy goods like electronics or water bottles. On the contrary, 5-ply carton boxes have 2 fluting layers sandwiched between 3 linear boards. These boxes are more compatible for packing heavier or more fragile goods, like electronic components.

You can reuse 5 ply carton boxes, provided they are in good condition. Store them in a dry place to avoid moisture contents damaging their surface. Also, ensure handling them carefully, specifically while loading or unloading.

Consider the weight-holding capacity of corrugated boxes before placing your order. 5 layer corrugated boxes are thick and strong enough to accommodate heavy goods. On average, it is 6 mm thick and can hold 20 to 45 kg of product weight.

Corrugated boxes offer excellent packaging solutions because of their distinctive properties. They provide customization options, durability, and affordability. These features make them a preferred choice for international shipments. Whether transporting perishable food items or fragile electronic goods, 5 ply boxes can suit all your shipping needs.