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About our company


Hello and welcome to, the one stop shop where you can buy packing material of every kind. Unlike other online portals who re-sell packing material to you, we have our in-house manufacturing with automatic lines which produces high quality packing material. We manufacture and sell corrugated boards and boxes, mailing bags, courier bags, jiffy bags and bubble sheet wraps. With our in-house Research and Development Quality Assurance Departments, we have complete control over from choosing the right raw material, production process, storage and quality assurance.

We at Pacfo believe in high quality products and exceptional customer service. But most importantly, we believe that choosing the right packing for your product is one of the most important decisions. Where there are a wide range of products in each segment and packaging not only helps in standing out of the rest, it also helps in ensuring a wonderful experience for the end-customer.

We know that there is an optimal point where the design, structure and price of packaging is at its best and we deliver optimal packing materials to our customers. We produce around 200,00 boxes a day and we pass the benefits of huge production volumes to our customers.


Gaurev Agarawal Saurav Agarawal Himanshu Bhansali
Co-Founder & Managing Partner Co-Founder & Managing Partner Co-Founder & C.E.O.
Having 19 years of experience in corrugation industry and successfully heading Avon Containers Pvt Ltd as Managing Director which is known for Consistent Quality and higher standards of customer satisfaction.                                                                                                        
Having 14 years of experience in corrugation industry, he is managing complete operations of Avon Containers Pvt Ltd. He is process expert and have delivered many process simplification innovative techniques to the industry.                                                                                         
Having 10 years of experience in flexible packaging industry, now pursuing his dream of addressing some major challenges in the packaging industry which he has observed while working in the industry. He is now leading Pacfo with his passion and vision to become the largest packaging solution company of the world. 

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