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If you have landed here, you would surely be searching for some answers. Pacfo is a digital front of the Avon group of Companies which is well-known as leading Packaging Material Manufacturers in Northern India. Our vision is to provide optimized packaging solutions to online sellers and retail sectors via our online portal.

We have structured this blog based on the type of products which we manufacture and supply to our esteemed customers. Unmatched Quality and Superb Customer Service is what we are known for and we are committed towards providing more valuable services to our customers. You will find 6 categories in which the blog is divided into. These categories represents the segment of topic covered in our posts. To select a one, please choose category of your interest from below:

Corrugated Boxes

by Varenya Joshi

What are Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are one of the most sustainable form of packaging in today's world. They are 100% biodegradable & recyclable. Corrugated boxes got their name as they are made of corrugated fiberboards. The corrugated fiberboard is made by sandwiched fluted paper sheet between two flat paper sheets. 

Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated fiber-boards. These boards are make in 3-ply, 5-ply, 7-ply etc. structures. The more layers, higher will be the strength of the box. Lets understand how different structures looks like:

The top-most board is a 3-ply structure, as we can see the three layers of paper used to form a board. The base and top flat surfaces are called “liners” while the sandwiched-wave-like layer is called “flute”. We call this type of board - Single Wall Board or 3-ply Corrugated Board. The boxes made by this board are called 3-ply Corrugated Boxes.

Middle-board is a 5-ply structure with two types of flutes. This board is thicker than the 3-ply board as it has two additional layers of paper. We call this type of board - Double Wall Board or 5-ply Corrugated Board. The boxes made by this type of board are called 5-ply Corrugated Boxes.

Lower board is a 7-ply structure with three different flutes combined all-together. This is to indicate that there could be more than one type of flute in making of any corrugated board. This type of board is called Triple Wall Board or 7-ply Corrugated Board. The boxes made by this type of board are called 7-ply Corrugated boxes. These boxes are very strong, needless to say, and are used to carry heavy weight products overseas. Mostly exporters and bulk shipments needs this structure.

Let's learn a bit about flutes:

The term corrugated means sinusoidal wave-like structure which is formed using appropriate machines. The folds thus formed are called “flutes”. There are many types of flutes out of which A, B and E are widely used in Indian market. The flutes differ in the terms of distance measure between any two crests or troughs of the flutes. Each flute serves a different strength and purpose to the board.

Altogether, The type of paper used, GSM combination of paper sheets, type of flutes and design of the box makes the strength of the box. All of these factors are decided upon the type of product to be packed inside.

Corrugated Box Manufacturer - Buy Packing Material Online

by Varenya Joshi
Corrugated Box Manufacturer - Pacfo

We manufacture Corrugated Boxes for a wide array of utilities. We are experts in providing e-commerce packaging solutions. We manufacture all types of corrugated boxes – from regular RSC boxes to die-cut corrugated boxes. We also have some generalized corrugated boxes which are most commonly used in e-commerce shipments. With around 40 years of experience in manufacturing corrugated boxes, we have provided complex packaging solutions for heavy industries and cost-effective yet quality corrugated boxes to retail segment.

Our infrastructure is our USP, all corrugated boxes are manufactured on automatic lines which ensures that you always get the best of quality and economical prices! We regularly keep track of the dimensions listed on and manage inventory at our end efficiently. We do not have any minimum order quantity at so you can order just the required quantity. This makes you immune to the problem of maintaining inventory of packaging materials at your end.



Pacfo is single solution for all packaging problems. Along with Corrugated boxes, we manufacture a lot of other packaging products too. All of those can be looked-up and bought in a single cart at!

Pacfo is designed to provide end-to-end packaging solutions to online sellers. We have a large customer base who put their trust with us.

Packaging Boxes Online

Corrugated Box are mainly used for packing and shipping items over a distance. They are the best resource of packaging available today. They are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and effective solution for packaging. We are well versed in packaging of industrial and retail markets and we wanted to benefit the everyday users by providing them with a portal from where they can buy all packaging materials at one go straight from our factory, this is what has been done!

You can buy any number of boxes from the listed sizes of boxes on portal. Our customer care staff is very cooperative and they help you choose just the perfect box for your need.

Courier Packing Material

Billions of couriers travel from one place to another per day. These couriers goes through many hands and transportation mediums before they reach their destination. This flow of couriers and shipments is absolutely necessary for businesses to bloom.

Corrugated box design samples: The design of corrugated boxes depends on a number of factors


All couriers and shipment requires proper packaging else the motive of sending the courier will be defeated. Along with the general courier services, logistics has emerged as one of the important pillars of e-commerce sector too. Every day, a lot of people place orders online and their orders are packed and shipped over distances to the customers. All this movement requires proper packaging to ensure everything goes smoothly and to ensure that the basic purpose of the shipment is not defeated.



E-Commerce Packing Material

If you are an online seller, looking for buying packaging material for the orders you have to fulfil, sign-up to today and get benefited by the policy of buying straight from manufacturers. Buy Corrugated Boxes

Solar panel packaging basics

by Varenya Joshi

Solar panels takes a long time and much raw materials, heading through step-by-step before they are ready to be sold.

As a globalized industry with most of production of solar panels taking place in East and Southeast Asia and the largest share of end consumers being geographically distant from the manufacturing origin, these valuable goods must also be shipped over a long distance via ocean. In 2016, China has manufactured 68% of total modules, followed by rest of Asia at 14%. USA and Canada manufactured 6% and Europe manufactured a mere 4%.

Being a high-price product, there is an important yet often neglected aspect – safe and efficient packaging of Solar Panels.

It is much costly affair to find if the solar panels received by the customers are broken, cracked, deformed or scratched as a result of improper packaging. Lets read about some ways to avoid such situations:

Basic information to consider

Solar panels are typically stacked either horizontally or vertically in a box. Usually, Seperators and edge protectors are used on corners of every module for extra protections. Sometimes, when essential, each panel may be packed into a separate carton box which is later stacked in a master carton box.

The master carton is then sealed and strapped followed by being wrapped in a plastic film. After which, they are shipped via oceans on pallets, holding on average 28-30 panels.

There is no globally accepted and widely applied standard about the packaging, loading, transport and unloading of solar modules and this is because of varying client requirements from manufacturers, various type of panel products and somewhere down the line, lack of overall will in manufacturers to stick to make and stick to their own packing philosophy. Since packaging is a segment to cut costs and saving on packing material, they truly lack a qualified packaging personal.

Problems of bad packaging

The Solar PV modules, when stacked horizontally on each-other, implies mechanical pressure on the below ones which might result in micro-cracks which later can grow and have damaging impacts in due course of time.

In horizontal stacking, the solar panels are usually separated with either paper-carton or plastic separators. Most separator solutions are not of much strength and hence not capable of protecting the module from mechanical stress imparted by the above stacked solar panels of about several hundred of kilograms pressing on them. The stiletto effect (imparting pressure on the corners) lead to micro-cracks in the cells.

Looking at the cons of horizontal packaging of Solar PV cells, it is usually preferred and considered a better solution to pack the panels in a vertical manner to minimize top-to-bottom pressure and weight stress to the modules.

Optimally, the pallets of vertically packed panels are banded and secured with suitable protections b/w the panels with no space left in between so that they cannot move.

An additional help would be to crate the modules, which however comes at higher shipping costs.

Dangers during loading and transport

No one can deny of the jerks and other hazards which comes free with the process of loading and shipping. Due to larger shipping distances, there is no one to look after if something bad has happened during the loading process and the containment will remain as it is for a longer period of time. Factors being, rough handling during loading/unloading, walking on pallets, bumpy roads and so on.

This factor starts just as when the finished goods are being shifted to warehouse and the product witness the truck, forklifts and warehouse stacking for the first time.


Correct, safe and careful packaging of solar panels is becoming an essential need in solar industry and is one of the major factors in sales and supply chain for this segment.

At Avon Containners, we specialize in solar PV cell packaging as we have been providing solutions to great manufacturers for their long distance shipments. We have experience of over 39 years which makes us one of the most suitable partners for packaging solutions.

PACFO – Packaging Materials, Shipping Boxes and Supplies in India

by Varenya Joshi
We are one of the largest packaging materials suppliers in India. Just logon to PACFO and order all your packaging and shipping requirements at one place.

We are an online market place for ordering broad range of packaging and shipping materials to meet the demand of various SMEs, eCommerce companies, and even small scale buyers. At Pacfo, we are a supernova team of young professionals making quality packaging products which connects everyone together. We manufacture top quality yet cost effective solutions for packaging. Aimed towards delivering high quality packaging materials, we offer best in class services to become the supplier of choice and preference. From corrugated box, BOPP tapes (transparent/colored), e-commerce courier bags/pouches (plain/printed/with or without bubble inside), wrapping rolls (bubble wrap/stretch wrap/ corrugated sheet roll fiberboard), edge protectors (annular edge Protectors/ paper edge protectors/ plastic edge protectors/ heavy duty edge protectors), paper tubes to wooden pallets, we have everything to offer. All products are available in regular stock sizes as well as in custom sizes. Also, we can provide custom branded /printed materials if need be.

Tuck-in Boxes at

by Varenya Joshi

One of the most used and common boxes available in the market, tuck-in boxes are suitable and used to pack many of the items like gifts, square or rectangular products and re-usable products like medicines. The life of these type of boxes is long in regular usage and idle conditions.

Denoted world-wide with its FEFCO code: 0427, these tuck-in boxes are very robust and are capable of adhering to the safety measures. Pacfo’s tuck-in boxes are available read-to-dispatch in brown color, while white color boxes can be made available on account of a minimum order quantity. However, brown boxes has no MOQ and hence, you can order even a single box from our website. The current listings of Tuck-in corrugated boxes available at has the following architecture:

  1. Box make : 3 Ply Corrugated Box
  2. Paper and its quality : 2X(180 GSM virgin Craft)+(150 GSM Semi Craft)
  3. Flute : B Flute
  4. Flute Visibility : No visible flutes, you get a smooth surface with nice aesthetics. Idle for printing
  5. Bursting Factor : 8 to 10

These tuck-in boxes are self-locking in nature and hence, are easy to erect. As mentioned above, tuck-in boxes are most suitable for packaging products in bulk which are used one-at-a-time. Because of the ease of opening and closing of the boxes, these tuck-in boxes has earned great popularity over the time and a maximum of the consumer-products available in the market are packed in tuck-in boxes. Tuck-in boxes are printable on all sides based on the design.

You can check out and place an order by clicking here

FEFCO 0400 series T-folder and Wrap Around Boxes at Pacfo

by Varenya Joshi

Commonly known as t-folder box or wrap around boxes, these are categorized as folder type boxes by European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) and are denoted by FEFCO code 0400. The folder boxes are basically creased corrugated boards with a specific design in which the bottom of box can be folded to form side walls of the box. The upper side of the box is folded down to form the top cover of the box. The shape of box is inverse T alphabet in capital case.

Pacfo folder type corrugated box
Pacfo folder type corrugated box

<<Click here to buy t-folder box>>

Generally, these type of boxes do not require stitching or gluing. This is one of the simplest form of a box and is suited to contain products which are flat in shape. The benefit of using folding box is that this designs allows the box to wrap perfectly around the containment, providing the maximum cushioning and protection. The erection and packing time also is the minimum of all other box types. This results in a fast, smooth and fit-to-product packaging of the product.

This type of box is widely used to pack:

  • Books
  • Photo-frames
  • Gift articles
  • Wall-clocks
  • Greeting Cards
  • Wall paintings
  • Mirrors and glass
  • Flyers and poster rims
  • Bulk brochures
  • Stationary items
  • etc.

FEFCO Code 0401 Wrap Around Corrugated Boxes

Wrap around box are a variation of T-folder boxes. These box are also known as doctor boxes because of the design. These boxes are in + shape. The containment is placed on the centre-middle junction of the flaps and all four arms of corrugated boxes are folded over to wrap the box. The industrial name of these boxes is Wrap-around boxes. These boxes are generalised boxes and can be used to pack anything inside them. Due to more wastage generated during conversion of these box types, the cost of these boxes stays on the higher side but the usage and ability to contain and pack is no less. These box proves to be very beneficial because of the less time taken in erection and packaging. Just like T-folder boxes, wrap-around boxes do not require any gluing and stitching.

<<Click here to buy Wrap around boxes>>

Wrap around corrugated boxes available at
Pacfo Wrap around corrugated boxes


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