Wrapping rolls basically provides the finishing touch to your packaging. Various types of wrapping rolls stands for different uses. For example, bubble roll is used to provide additional cushioning to your product. Stretch wrap is used to prevent your package from dust and corrugated roll wrap assists in preventing the package from bruises and abrasion.

The three types of wrapping rolls have been considered as essential part of packaging by all the industries and hence, are widely used in the process. We manufacture quality materials in-house to provide you best experience. Have a look at these wonderful wrapping rolls at best prices with respect to their quality across the market.


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The products shown above are common type of wrapping rolls used widely in India. We understand that based on your product, your requirements can vary. In case you have a specific requirement or need suggestions for your packaging, kindly call on 1800-120-9299 or chat with the online customer advocate.