3-PLY CORRUGATED BOX 8.26X5.70X2.56 INCHES (10 Pcs)


Pacfo, 3-Ply, A or B, Starch-based, Brown, 10kgf/cm², 8.26×5.70×2.56 (inches), 2.5 to 5(mm), Length (inches): 8.26(inches), Width (inches): 5.70(inches), Height (inches): 2.56(inches)



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  • The common size which suits most of the e-commerce shipments. This is one of the most selling box and is quite satisfactory for the online sellers as most of the middle-sized products fits in this size easily. This is a strong quality box capable of protecting the contained products and minimizing the risks of returns.
    This box is made of three ply structure in which a fluted paper is sandwiched between two layers of papers.

Buy 3-ply Corrugated Box 8.26×5.70×2.56 inches in the online shop Avon Pacfo Services Pvt Ltd – at a reasonable price. 3-ply Corrugated Box 8.26×5.70×2.56 inches: characteristics, reviews, description, review, photos. A wide selection of packing material at wholesale prices and Money Back Guarantee.

Weight 1.20 kg
Number of Ply (Layers)




Bursting Strength

Dimensions (LxWxH) (inches)

Thickness (mm)

Length (inches)

Width (inches)

Height (inches)

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