The world operates on products manufactured by people round the globe and it’s packaging is one of the key-point which helps making a profound success and boost brand-value. Choosing in-appropriate packaging can result in baleful effects. After-all, first impression and ease of handling is one of the key points for the supply chain, retailers and customers. We are here with our wide-industry exposure and expertise to help you choose the right packaging for your product.

“Useful design and up-value branding are basic foundations of product packaging”

Elements which play a vital role but are generally over-looked while choosing packaging for your products are as follows:

Must act a bodyguard: capable of keeping your product safe during transit

Along with a top-notch design and colors which grabs attention and looks great, your packaging must also be capable of providing protection to your product while the logistics carries it from your ware-house to your supply chain. If your product is fragile, you might need to consider options like corrugated boxes with in-built flutes. It provides added protection to your goods compared to stretch wrap or plain cardboard boxes. It is capable of absorbing shocks and jerks which are obvious to happen during the transit. It is widely said and accepted that it cost far more to replace damaged goods than pay for adequate protective packaging from the outset. There is a point where the cost of product damage will equal to protective packaging. This is the balance point to which you need to optimize your packaging cost.

If your shipment is transported in bulk, you must consider the stacking capacity of your packaging. If your product is heavier than 12 kilograms, consider placing a pallet underneath your box. It will ease-up the loading and unloading of your goods as people can use fork-lifts to carry it around.

Choosing the right material

The primary packaging refers to the packaging which contains your product-bunch i.e. which comes in direct touch with the product. If your product is meant to be displayed among others in same category, you can go for trendy colors and sleek packaging. In other words, choose a home for your product which it deserves. It must be trendy, beautiful and at the same time, provide safety climatically and physically.

The secondary packaging is different is centered towards shipment of your products in bulk from a place to other. It must be strength centric and full-proof to weather, shocks, jerks and abrasion. Surprisingly, many research in the direction found that the secondary packaging acts as a true messenger of your brand. Therefore, it is very much recommended that the shipping boxes carry your brand prints. It does makes a great difference as it acts as an advertisement for you.

Corrugated boxes are idle for most industries for packaging of goods. Modern trends like e-commerce rely on corrugation boxes these days to ensure safe delivery of products purchased by customers.

Options in corrugation

There are many options like layers (single wall, double wall and triple wall), flute sizes (A, B, C, and E), paper-quality and GSM etc. A packaging expert can understand your product and can come-up with an appropriate design and material of packaging box which is both sturdy and cost-effective for you. You can reach out to our packaging experts by calling 1800-120-9299 or writing to

Not only design: Choose design with usability

A well-designed packaging will also focus on usability. For a packaging is good for nothing if it does not enables easy-handling and mobilization facilities. Consider the packaging of daily life goods we purchase from the super-market. Most of the successful brands and their products comes in a handy design. They ensure that people love to hold their products and to own their product.

Similarly if your secondary packaging have handling windows (slots for lifting and handling) at sides/top depending upon the design of box, it will make work easy for the people who loads/ships/unloads/carry your supply boxes. The slotted window is generally essentially available in boxes with comparatively larger sizes to provide ease of operations.

Packaging is for your customers

When choosing the packaging for your product, always keep in mind that the primary packaging should suffice the requirements and ease of your end-customers while the secondary packaging should be made according to your immediate customers i.e. your supply chain. Always remember, your packaging should be capable of following:

  1. Providing protection to your product
  2. Branding and advertising your product
  3. Enabling ease of operations

For any assistance, feel free to reach out our packaging experts at 1800-120-9299 or chat live


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