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Edge Protectors

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Edge protectors or angle boards are used to prevent crushing of the edges of the boxes. The edge-protectors are commonly used in long-distance shipments hence, exports. They prove to be very effective. Edge protectors too, comes in various shapes and sizes.

For any box, during the shipment, the most vulnerable part are the edges of the box since they can be crushed, bend or tear-up. In case of bulk shipments, the edges might go-off if heavy loads are mounted on top of the box. Edge protectors are aligned inside the box along with the four edges. They provide extra strength to the edges and prevents them from any abuses which may occur during transit.

They are erected along-side the internal edges of the boxes and generally are accompanied with an additional sleeve which both, helps erecting the edge protector and add as an extra strength and cushioning provider to the containment.


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