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Where to buy E-commerce Packaging?

E-commerce is emerging as a prime face for circular economy. It's not only sustainability which is a challenge when it comes to e-commerce packaging. There are at-least the following three challenges which are faced by Indian e-commerce for their online sellers:

  • To be less wasteful. That is - using minimal and/or reusable packaging for their products
  • To ensure that the packaging is in-line with the brand - enhancing the customer experience
  • To optimize returns taking place due to wreckage during transit - Choosing better quality packaging

Only a manufacturer would understand the true nature of the material being used by you to pack your product. At Pacfo, we leverage our 40 years of experience in production of packaging materials. Our products are designed by industry experts to cater the requirement of online sellers. Our range of products includes:

Corrugated Boxes         Courier Bags                Bubble Mailer Bags          Bubble Wraps         Corrugated Wraps

Tailor-made Packaging for E-Commerce

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes serves as one of the most preferred medium of e-commerce packaging. We make more than 6 types of corrugated boxes - each for a different segment of products. We simply have a box for packing anything.

Our corrugated boxes are thin yet strong. They are designed peculiarly to cater the needs of an online seller and hence, they serve the purpose absolutely well. Our corrugated boxes help you in following way:

  • Reduced return-rate as the boxes are strong and stays intact
  • Saves you freight cost by fitting on product perfectly
  • Adds to your brand value - smooth finish and sturdy feel of boxes makes you stand apart
  • Inch-perfect: Made on automatic lines - no room for error
  • 100% organic - All boxes are 100% biodegradable and made from natural material

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Courier Bags

Our Courier Bags are one of the most efficient packaging medium for e-commerce. They come in variety of sizes and colors, supports branding, takes less time to seal and also safeguards the product before it reaches the customer.

At pacfo, we make courier bags above 50 microns - valid across India. We make them using high quality LDPE granules which results in super-strength. We make both plain and bubble courier bags. We also make customized courier bags with various colors and printing options. Following are the benefits which our courier bags offer:

  • Better quality and strength
  • Tamper-proof: Once sealed, cannot be reopened
  • Requires no peripheral packaging material like tapes or glue
  • Comes with POD jacket so that you can put necessary papers along with the shipment
  • Available in a variety of sizes - both plain and bubble courier bags

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Wraps and Rolls

Apart from a firm outline structure to pack, we also need supportive materials to ensure that the product will be able to withstand the jerks and strains during the transit process. It becomes particularly important when you are dealing in fragile type of products. 

Our protective packaging range includes a variety of wraps and rolls of various types of products. From bubble wraps to stretch wraps, paper based wraps including corrugated sheets and corrugated wraps - everything is available at one place - Pacfo. Following is what we offer with our protective packaging range:

  • Better grip and cushioning to fill up residual space
  • Dust-proof
  • Withstands abuse handling during transit
  • Helps you with fragile products

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Adhesive Tapes

Tapes are an integral and inseparable part of packaging process. We all need tapes to quick fix or to pack. That is why adhesive tapes are commonly found in homes and offices. Our range of adhesive tapes covers all the major segments of utility.

At pacfo, we have selective quality adhesive tapes which not only fits in your budget well, but also prooves to be beneficial in terms of strength and application. We have a complete range of adhesive tapes from transparent tapes to brown tapes. We also have ket colorful tapes in place which can be used effectively for aesthetic or color-code purposes. Following are the benefits offered by Pacfo's Adhesive Tapes:

  • Great Quality - Adhesive with good hold
  • Thin yet effective - quality BOPP film
  • Less air bubbles
  • Available in various sizes, colors and strengths
  • Choose what suits you - economic range of tapes

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Still not satisfied?

If you feel that you are not satisfied to your query - don't worry, we got your back! At Pacfo, we want to give you a personalized experience wherein we cater to the challenges being faced by you. Tell us about your query and our Packaging Consultant will reach you.

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