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Die-Cut Boxes

Buy Tuck-in Corrugated Box Online

One of the boxes you must have seen in the market. Tuck-in boxes are also called Roll End Flap Mailers and are suitable for any packaging which needs to be opened and closed frequently such as Sample Kits, First aid kit or medicines. The front flap locks into the main body and the tuck in flaps lock in the box adding overall strength to the design. These lock flaps helps in re-locking the box once it is opened. It is, hence, very easy to re-use the box and they last really long.

Along with packing and shipping, these boxes are widely used for storing products as they can be opened and closed conveniently. They serve for a longer period of time and can be reused and kept for years if kept in a sustainable environment.

3-Ply, B, Starch-based, Brown, 10kgf/cm², 12 x 9.90 x 1.20 (inches), 2-3(mm), Length (inches): 12(inches), Width (inches): 9.90(inches), Height (inches): 1.20(inches)
Tuck-in boxes are made by punching from a single sheet. These type of boxes are also called Die-cut boxes. Tuck-in boxes are capable of being closed and...
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3-Ply, B, Starch-based, Brown, 10kgf/cm², 6.89 x 6.5 x 2.5 (inches), 2-3(mm), Length (inches): 689(inches), Width (inches): 6.5(inches), Height (inches): 2.5(inches)
Tuck-in boxes are good for packing apparels and accessories. Tuck-in boxes are capable of being closed and opened repetitively. These boxes have a flap on...
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3-Ply, B, Starch-based, Brown, 10kgf/cm², 9.5 x 5.3 x 1.7 (inches), 2-3(mm), Length (inches): 9.5(inches), Width (inches): 5.3(inches), Height (inches): 1.7(inches)
Pacfo's tuck-in boxes are perfect to pack apparels and accessories. This box's design is almost similar to a pizza box. Tuck-in boxes are capable of being...
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