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Industrial Box

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Heavy duty boxes are made of double wall (5-ply boxes). These are having more strength than the regular boxes and are designed for carrying heavy products for shipping. These boxes could be your best choice when you are willing to ship fragile items or are worried about the abuses during the transit. These boxes provides maximum protection to the product contained inside it. Idle for shipping your sensitive items. Can also be used while re-location. This box is widely used while packing and moving to different place to carry your belongings.

Heavy Duty cartons can withstand heavy loads and hence are also ideal for packaging food, cosmetic, medicine and electronic products and other fragile items. These are also popular for freight consolidation and used for shipping purpose.

5-Ply, A+B, Starch-based, 8.11(KN), Brown, 19-21kgf/cm², 24x24x30 (inches), 7.5(mm), Length (inches): 24(inches), Width (inches): 24(inches), Height (inches): 30(inches)
This is a 12 inch cube shaped strong corrugated box. Pacfo's heavy-duty box range stands for the industrial grade packing boxes. These are one of the...
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