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Wrap Around Box

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Wrap-around boxes, as the name signifies, wraps around the box. It is an excellent alternative to other type of boxes while shipping flat items such as crockery, photo-frame, certificate or other documents, books, CD-DVDs or similar items. It easily covers (wraps) the containment from all sides in order to provide added protection.

Wrap around box and other folding boxes are the most suited packing boxes with respect to flat items and products. These boxes are made to fit the products well and hence, provides maximum protection to them.

3-Ply, B, Starch-based, Brown, 10kgf/cm², 2.5(mm), 1 to 2.5(inches), 9x6(inches), Length (inches): 9(inches), Width (inches): 6(inches), Height (inches): 2(inches)
It is not easy to find a suitable box to pack flat products/items like a wall-clock or a photo-frame. This box is suitable for flat products with height...
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33.60 31.90
3-Ply, B, Starch-based, Brown, 10kgf/cm², 2.5(mm), 1 to 2.5(inches), 18x14(inches), Length (inches): 18(inches), Width (inches): 14(inches), Height (inches): 2.5(inches)
Ideal for packing flat products like book packing, frame packing and wall clock packing, this box serves well. Wrap around corrugated boxes looks like a...
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