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Folding Type Boxes

Buy folding corrugated boxes online

Folding type boxes are ideal for packing flat items such as books, photo-frames and so on. These boxes saves a lot of time, efforts and uses less packing tapes comparative to general corrugated boxes. The variable height of our folding type boxes is an additional feature and it makes your work easy. You do not need to worry if you are to pack more than one item in a single box. This can easily be done using the multi-creases provided to variate the height at the time of erecting the box.

Folding boxes are very convenient to store and saves a lot of time, efforts and supportive packing material when you use them. They use less packing tapes, wraps your product efficiently and have great customer experience.

3-Ply, B, Starch-based, Brown, 10kgf/cm², 2.5(mm), 1 to 2.5(inches), 9x6(inches), Length (inches): 9(inches), Width (inches): 6(inches), Height (inches): 2(inches)
It is not easy to find a suitable box to pack flat products/items like a wall-clock or a photo-frame. This box is suitable for flat products with height...
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33.60 31.90
3-Ply, B, Starch-based, Brown, 10kgf/cm², 2.5(mm), 1 to 2.5(inches), 18x14(inches), Length (inches): 18(inches), Width (inches): 14(inches), Height (inches): 2.5(inches)
Ideal for packing flat products like book packing, frame packing and wall clock packing, this box serves well. Wrap around corrugated boxes looks like a...
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