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Double wall - 5 ply

Buy 5-ply corrugated boxes online

Difference between a 3-ply and 5-ply corrugated box is the layers of paper which forms the board of which the boxes are made of. Yes, the more layers, stronger the box will be! 5-ply corrugated boxes are generally used to ship heavy products. These boxes are capable of carrying 12 to 18 Kgs. of weigh depending on the size and shape of the 5-ply carton. Using right carton for right application is necessary as the precaution always comes convenient than cures.

Card board boxes, shipping supplies, corrugated boxes, packing cartons, everything related to packaging comes handy on a single portal. We manufacture and sell cardboard boxes online, flat shipping boxes with a vast variety of smallest to largest corrugated boxes. We are leading corrugated box manufacturer in Delhi-NCR.

5-Ply, A+B, Starch-based, Brown, 12kgf/cm², 24x24x24 (inches), 7(mm), Length (inches): 24(inches), Width (inches): 24(inches), Height (inches): 24(inches)
The largest box in shape of a cube in Pacfo's range of 5-ply corrugated boxes. This is a worthy box to have as it makes it easily to pack and ship more...
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45.00 42.62
5-Ply, A+B, Starch-based, Brown, 12kgf/cm², 18x12x6 (inches), 7(mm), Length (inches): 18(inches), Width (inches): 12(inches), Height (inches): 6(inches)
Generally used to pack household items during shifting from one place to another. People who are changing house use this box to carry their household items...
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65.00 61.13
5-Ply, A+B, Starch-based, Brown, 12kgf/cm², 14x14x14 (inches), 7(mm), Length (inches): 14(inches), Width (inches): 14(inches), Height (inches): 14(inches)
A large cube type 5 ply corrugated box. This is a RSC type box in which there are four flaps provided on top and bottom of the box. They can be easily sealed...
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