We manufacture Corrugated Boxes for a wide array of utilities. We are experts in providing e-commerce packaging solutions. We manufacture all types of corrugated boxes – from regular RSC boxes to die-cut corrugated boxes. We also have some generalized corrugated boxes which are most commonly used in e-commerce shipments. With around 40 years of experience in manufacturing corrugated boxes, we have provided complex packaging solutions for heavy industries and cost-effective yet quality corrugated boxes to retail segment.

Our infrastructure is our USP, all corrugated boxes are manufactured on automatic lines which ensures that you always get the best of quality and economical prices! We regularly keep track of the dimensions listed on and manage inventory at our end efficiently. We do not have any minimum order quantity at so you can order just the required quantity. This makes you immune to the problem of maintaining inventory of packaging materials at your end.

Pacfo is single solution for all packaging problems. Along with Corrugated boxes, we manufacture a lot of other packaging products too. All of those can be looked-up and bought in a single cart at!

Pacfo is designed to provide end-to-end packaging solutions to online sellers. We have a large customer base who put their trust with us.

Packaging Boxes Online

Corrugated Box are mainly used for packing and shipping items over a distance. They are the best resource of packaging available today. They are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable and effective solution for packaging. We are well versed in packaging of industrial and retail markets and we wanted to benefit the everyday users by providing them with a portal from where they can buy all packaging materials at one go straight from our factory, this is what has been done!

You can buy any number of boxes from the listed sizes of boxes on portal. Our customer care staff is very cooperative and they help you choose just the perfect box for your need.

Courier Packing Material

Billions of couriers travel from one place to another per day. These couriers goes through many hands and transportation mediums before they reach their destination. This flow of couriers and shipments is absolutely necessary for businesses to bloom.

Corrugated box design samples: The design of corrugated boxes depends on a number of factors

All couriers and shipment requires proper packaging else the motive of sending the courier will be defeated. Along with the general courier services, logistics has emerged as one of the important pillars of e-commerce sector too. Every day, a lot of people place orders online and their orders are packed and shipped over distances to the customers. All this movement requires proper packaging to ensure everything goes smoothly and to ensure that the basic purpose of the shipment is not defeated.

E-Commerce Packing Material

If you are an online seller, looking for buying packaging material for the orders you have to fulfil, sign-up to today and get benefited by the policy of buying straight from manufacturers. BUY CORRUGATED BOXES


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