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Corrugated Roll

Buy Corrugated Paper Roll Online

Corrugated rolls are a green(er) alternative to bubble rolls. They are up-to the mark when it comes for a protective wrapping. They can provide ample cushioning to product and can be used well. Corrugated papers are mostly used by industries while packing heavy loads of shipments. They are used while packing machinery parts and other heavy products. They are also used for shipping to over-seas where plastic packaging is not permitted.

1,144.00 1,040.00
2-Ply, B, Starch-based, Brown, Weight (gms.): 20000gms, 65 (meters)
Corrugated Sheet Roll is actually 2-ply corrugated roll. The 2-ply structure includes a liner of paper with a fluted paper layer. The Fluted layer of paper...


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