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One of the most used and common boxes available in the market, tuck-in boxes are suitable and used to pack many of the items like gifts, square or rectangular products and re-usable products like medicines. The life of these type of boxes is long in regular usage and idle conditions.

Denoted world-wide with its FEFCO code: 0427, these tuck-in boxes are very robust and are capable of adhering to the safety measures. Pacfo’s tuck-in boxes are available read-to-dispatch in brown color, while white color boxes can be made available on account of a minimum order quantity. However, brown boxes has no MOQ and hence, you can order even a single box from our website. The current listings of Tuck-in corrugated boxes available at has the following architecture:

  1. Box make : 3 Ply Corrugated Box
  2. Paper and its quality : 2X(180 GSM virgin Craft)+(150 GSM Semi Craft)
  3. Flute : B Flute
  4. Flute Visibility : No visible flutes, you get a smooth surface with nice aesthetics. Idle for printing
  5. Bursting Factor : 8 to 10

These tuck-in boxes are self-locking in nature and hence, are easy to erect. As mentioned above, tuck-in boxes are most suitable for packaging products in bulk which are used one-at-a-time. Because of the ease of opening and closing of the boxes, these tuck-in boxes has earned great popularity over the time and a maximum of the consumer-products available in the market are packed in tuck-in boxes. Tuck-in boxes are printable on all sides based on the design.

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