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FEFCO 0400 series T-folder and Wrap Around Boxes at Pacfo


Commonly known as t-folder box or wrap around boxes, these are categorized as folder type boxes by European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) and are denoted by FEFCO code 0400. The folder boxes are basically creased corrugated boards with a specific design in which the bottom of box can be folded to form side walls of the box. The upper side of the box is folded down to form the top cover of the box. The shape of box is inverse T alphabet in capital case.

Pacfo folder type corrugated box
Pacfo folder type corrugated box

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Generally, these type of boxes do not require stitching or gluing. This is one of the simplest form of a box and is suited to contain products which are flat in shape. The benefit of using folding box is that this designs allows the box to wrap perfectly around the containment, providing the maximum cushioning and protection. The erection and packing time also is the minimum of all other box types. This results in a fast, smooth and fit-to-product packaging of the product.

This type of box is widely used to pack:

  • Books
  • Photo-frames
  • Gift articles
  • Wall-clocks
  • Greeting Cards
  • Wall paintings
  • Mirrors and glass
  • Flyers and poster rims
  • Bulk brochures
  • Stationary items
  • etc.

FEFCO Code 0401 Wrap Around Corrugated Boxes

Wrap around box are a variation of T-folder boxes. These box are also known as doctor boxes because of the design. These boxes are in + shape. The containment is placed on the centre-middle junction of the flaps and all four arms of corrugated boxes are folded over to wrap the box. The industrial name of these boxes is Wrap-around boxes. These boxes are generalised boxes and can be used to pack anything inside them. Due to more wastage generated during conversion of these box types, the cost of these boxes stays on the higher side but the usage and ability to contain and pack is no less. These box proves to be very beneficial because of the less time taken in erection and packaging. Just like T-folder boxes, wrap-around boxes do not require any gluing and stitching.

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Pacfo Wrap around corrugated boxes


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