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Why to use Tamper-proof courier bags?

by Varenya Joshi

While courier bags are capable of packing almost anything which is to be shipped, there are some generous benefits over other forms of packagings which makes it a preferred form of packing and mailing.

Courier bags are also known as mailing bags, sealed bags and tamper-proof bags. They are called tamper-proof for a reason: once they are sealed, it is impossible to open it without tearing up the bag. This feature results in ensuring tamper-proof delivery of your shipments until it reaches it intended recipient. Let’s have a look on the other benefits which are possessed by courier bags:

  1. Flexible
    1. Highly flexible
  2. Light in Weight
    1. No additional freight charges
    2. Easy to hold and carry
  3. Easy transit
    1. Easy handling
    2. Required less space
  4. Strong protection
    1. Strong glued
    2. Bubble-lined for cushioning
    3. Tamper-proof make
  5. Temperature resistant
    1. Water resistant
    2. Weather proof
  6. Easy to pack
    1. Peel and seal
    2. Less effort and time required as compared to corrugated boxes
  7. Easy to open
    1. Can be opened easily using scissor or cutter-blade
  8. Print and Mark-up friendly
    1. Easy to write upon using marker
    2. Can be custom printed for your brand
  9. Multiple sizes
    1. Choose from the wide range of sizes and colors
  10. Recyclable
    1. Easily recycled

Fundamental properties of courier bag

  • Tamper-proof package delivery
  • Faster packing process
  • Light in weight
  • Customized color and printing options
  • Improved presentation at delivery
  • Less price compared to corrugated boxes


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