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If you have landed here, you would surely be searching for some answers. Pacfo is a digital front of the Avon group of Companies which is well-known as leading Packaging Material Manufacturers in Northern India. Our vision is to provide optimized packaging solutions to online sellers and retail sectors via our online portal.

We have structured this blog based on the type of products which we manufacture and supply to our esteemed customers. Unmatched Quality and Superb Customer Service is what we are known for and we are committed towards providing more valuable services to our customers. You will find 6 categories in which the blog is divided into. These categories represents the segment of topic covered in our posts. To select a one, please choose category of your interest from below:

Tuck-in Boxes at


One of the most used and common boxes available in the market, tuck-in boxes are suitable and used to pack many of the items like gifts, square or rectangular products and re-usable products like medicines. The life of these type of boxes is long in regular usage and idle conditions.

Denoted world-wide with its FEFCO code: 0427, these tuck-in boxes are very robust and are capable of adhering to the safety measures. Pacfo’s tuck-in boxes are available read-to-dispatch in brown color, while white color boxes can be made available on account of a minimum order quantity. However, brown boxes has no MOQ and hence, you can order even a single box from our website. The current listings of Tuck-in corrugated boxes available at has the following architecture:

  1. Box make : 3 Ply Corrugated Box
  2. Paper and its quality : 2X(180 GSM virgin Craft)+(150 GSM Semi Craft)
  3. Flute : B Flute
  4. Flute Visibility : No visible flutes, you get a smooth surface with nice aesthetics. Idle for printing
  5. Bursting Factor : 8 to 10

These tuck-in boxes are self-locking in nature and hence, are easy to erect. As mentioned above, tuck-in boxes are most suitable for packaging products in bulk which are used one-at-a-time. Because of the ease of opening and closing of the boxes, these tuck-in boxes has earned great popularity over the time and a maximum of the consumer-products available in the market are packed in tuck-in boxes. Tuck-in boxes are printable on all sides based on the design.

You can check out and place an order by clicking here



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