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Brown BOPP Tape

Buy Brown BOPP Taps Online

Brown color adhesive BOPP tapes are most-commonly used to pack. The brown color of these tapes has been adopted widely and it is asked and sold by the name of "Brown Tape". The adhesive of this type of tape is stronger than general purpose tapes. The reason behind the color being Brown is that the corrugated boxes are also brown and these tapes are generally used to seal pack these packing boxes.

Buy brown packing tapes along with your boxes. This will save you cost, time and efforts to buy it seperately.

Brown, Thickness (microns): 40(microns), 100 (meters)
Brown Adhesive tapes are used on boxes to pack and seal. These tapes are made with strong bonding adhesive and has good hold. Easy to use for daily packaging.

Brown, Thickness (microns): 40(microns), 100 (meters)
Choose this variant of Brown tape if you need to cover a wider area at once. Three inches width of this tape enables you to hold more area together with...
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