Selling on internet is holding a high place in sales charts these days. With prompt services, quality products and easy and quick delivery solutions, e-commerce portals who have been consistently providing services have won trust of people and these days, people are really shopping on-the-go using their PDAs.

It is then, essential for an e-commerce to wisely choose the packaging delivery methods. Since there are lot more SKUs on any e-commerce marketplace, it becomes essential for them to choose the packaging in a way that all of the selling products can be contained and shipped within them as if the product does not safely to the hands of buyer, they are going to return it which results in huge loss of money, time and goodwill. In this article, we will introduce you to five essential products for e-commerce packaging which will help you boost your efficiency in packaging and sending of the shipments.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes differs from regular cardboard boxes because of the special make of the board which is used in making corrugated boxes. The corrugated fibreboard is scientifically made to serve the purpose and hence, it holds way ahead possibilities than any other packaging product.

It comes in various structures to suffice the packaging needs. For e-commerce, commonly, corrugated boxes made of 3-ply structure are used. The innovatory design of multi-depth corrugated boxes allows you to adjust one out of three dimensions of a box i.e. the height. The length and breadth of box remains constant while you have an option to adjust the height of boxes with the creases provided on various altitudes. This enables you to tune it to just perfect height you want to package your shipment. This indeed, results in huge savings and reduced packing time.

Courier bags

The only cons which stands for corrugated boxes is along with safety, they also comes with an extended volumetric weight which gradually adds up to shipment costs as shipment partners charge on the basis of volumetric weight of the shipment. For product like apparels, they only need t be protected from dust. Instead of using a corrugated box for shipping products like these, we can use courier bags.

For safety and security, one should opt for temper-proof courier bags. These bags comes with a adhesive mechanism in which if once you peel the safety seal off the adhesive line and stick it, it cannot be opened without tampering the bag. This makes the bag useable for once and you can be sure that no one had even got a sneak-peak during the transit inside the bag. This greatly addresses the security issue along with occupying just the enough space to contain the product.

Also, the courier bags comes in a variant of bubble blister sheet pasted inside the courier bag. This is a part of protective packaging and provides cushioning and padding to containment. Apart from this, the courier bags comes in a variety of colours and it is possible for one to get it custom printed with branding so that it adheres to the branding needs and policies of your online store.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes have always been an essential part of packing. It provides a final touch to seal the box or any other packing process. Adhesive tapes are made of BOPP poly film with adhesive applied on one of its side. The quality factors of adhesive tapes includes the thickness of film and the quality of adhesive used.

Adhesive tapes can also be customized as per your need. One may opt for printed tapes with their brand-name on it which eventually increases the trust of customers in your brand.

Protective packaging

Over the time, it is discovered that shipping products for deliveries with mere box and tape is not sufficient. For shipping of fragile products like those made of glass needs extra protection to withstand the jerks and other abuses during shipping process. Thus, protective packaging comes into utility. Protective packaging is nothing but wrapping the product for added cushioning and padding enabling the packaging to deal with the transit circumstances. Corrugated sheet roll is a paper based product which provides protection to the containment.

Alternatively, one may opt for bubble blister sheet which is also called bubble wrap sheet. It is a poly based sheet with blisters filled with air. Due to air, this sheet provides protection to the containment against the jerks and abrases faced during the transit. Apparently, we all know that most of us like popping the bubbles so anyway they are a temptation along with their utility! (No bubble survives before going to the bin)

Stretch wraps

Stretch wraps are “not-so-common” but indeed a sophisticated approach for packing of shipments. Using stretch wraps ensures dust protection and that the package reaches in the hands of customer neat and clean! They are considered as the final touch to the packaging and is applied to the package after the whole process of packaging, pasting and sealing. They give the product a shiny appearance and also helps in binding them together. So if you have more than one bundles to stick together in your packaging, consider giving a final touch using stretch wrap sheets.


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