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For catering customized packaging requirements of customers, has created a tool which helps them to include the configuration of boxes required as per their need and after submitting, the tool generates an instant quotation for corrugated boxes as per the specification entered by the customer. This tool is very much useful as it also suggests the minimum order quantity at which the price per box would be the best.


The “Quote my box” is a tool which is designed to deliver instant quotations for your bulk orders of corrugated boxes. This tool is very much useful as there are a no. of factors which has to be considered for your requirement of customized packaging. It includes the type and quality of paper used, strength and quality of box and so forth. The “Quote my box” not only considers your custom requirements but also delivers a quotation to your inbox within minutes. Its glory does not ends here, it also suggests the quantity which you should buy in order to get the lowest price!

It is very useful when you have a customized packaging requirement for corrugated boxes. As branding is niche factor for product promotion, the tool also considers your requirement for art-work printing on the box up-to two colour jobs with flexo printing.

How to use?

The “Quote my box” is designed in a very intuitive manner. For better user experience, we have included a video for each type of box style which explains the erection process. The video plays automatically when you select a box-style. The whole process is divided in seven steps. Let’s understand it step-by-step:

Step one: Select the type of box as per requirement

With our vast experience in the corrugated box manufacturing, we have selected the most commonly used boxes in industrial/bulk packaging. These box styles has been listed in here along with an image so that you can know which box you are looking for. Also, we have included a video for each type of boxes explaining the erection process. As we will be shipping the boxes flat, you should have an idea on how to erect them.

Step two: Select the size of box you need

As this tool is meant to cater your customized requirements, option is provided in which you can input the desired size dimensions as LENGTH, WIDTH and HEIGHT. When you input the dimensions, the dimensions appear on the image on Right hand side. This process is incorporated to give you hassle free user experience and ease of use. You can input the dimensions in desired unit out of the provided options (mili-meter, centimetres and inches).

Step three: Select the corrugation layers

The layers of corrugation depicts the strength of the box and is chosen based on the usage, type of containment and the distance up-to which the shipment is meant to be sent. Usually, the most common type of box is a 3-ply box. For heavy duty, consider selecting 5-ply or 7-ply corrugation boards.

Step four: Choose the quality of box

The quality of box depends on the GSM of papers being used in making it. Here, three options have been provided which are: Economy, Standard and Heavy Duty. The name are self-explanatory and you need to select one of the quality as per your requirement.

Step five: Do you want to print artwork on it? If yes, choose no. of colours

The box in transit with your brand printed on it does contributes in branding strategy of your product. Hence, if you want the boxes to be printed, you need to select how many colours will be there in the artwork you want us to print. If you do not need any printing, consider selecting “none” under this step.

Step six: How many boxes do you need us to make?

This is the step where we would like to know how many boxes you need us to make. The system is intelligent and will include a suggestion in the quote about the minimum order quantity at which you will get the lowest price possible. If no suggestion is made by the system, maybe the quoted price are already at the best possible price.

Also, there are two more questions which will be asked to you. They are not mandatory but are very important. The system asks you about the containment you are planning to ship in the boxes and a space where you can input your custom notes for us. The type of containment, if provided, opens possibility in which we can suggest you an ideal packaging box to suffice your need.

Step seven: A brief information about you so that our team can get in touch if required

With minimum and required information like your name, e-mail, contact number and the organization in which you work. This will help our experts to analyse your requirement and work on it. The contact no. you enter here needs to be your own number as an OTP will be sent to this number.

Contact us

In case you have any questions about the “Quote my box” tool, you can get in touch with our customer care team by dialling the toll-free number 1800-120-9299 or you can e-mail your questions at [email protected]. Your request will be answered within 24 hours.