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Bubble lined Courier Bags

Air Bubble Courier bags/ Mailers are for the secure movement of fragile items and small light weight consignments. These air bubble courier bags are made out of 60 micron polyethylene film which is Black/Grey from inside and White from outside and 30 gsm Air Bubble film liner.

E-Commerce industry, Logistics & Shipping industries are the major consumers of these bags.

Courier Bag with

Bubble Liner

Features :
  • Lighter weight saves Shipping Cost.
  • Strong Self Sealing Performance.
  • High resistance to puncture and tear.
  • Durable, smooth finish, Moisture proof & Optimum strength.
  • Clear overlapping body pocket for the insertion of airway-bill or consignment notes etc.
  • Comes with easy to use over flap with hot melt adhesive strip for permanent closure.
  • Tamper Resistant.
MODEL Outside Dimensions Description Number Of Bags
No. Length X Width per box Color Thickness(µ)
100 60 White(Outside) & Grey(Inside)
MODEL Outside Dimensions Number Of Bags Description Price Per Box ORDER QTY ADD TO CART
No. L X W per box Thick(µ) Color
100 60 White(Outside) & Grey(Inside) 250.00
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