Known world-wide as courier bags or self adhesive bags. They are also called Tamper-proof bags. These bags are best suited to courier anything and are widely used by e-commerce companies to send their shipments. We manufacture high quality courier bags which we are even supplying to world's leading e-commerce portal for their shipments in entire north-India. We ourselves are manufacturing the courier bags and hence, the quality comes guranteed. We believe that what all customers require is value for money quality and our basic foundation of any manufacturing is quality itself.

Our Courier bags are one of the best selling products from the house of PACFO.

We manufacture them in two variants. The one with bubble cushioning inside the bag and the other without the bubble sheet. Bubble sheet provides additional cushioning to the containment and provides added safety, preventing the jerks and wear&tears common in the shipment and logistics process. If you are here, congratulations, you have reached the best place to buy courier bags.


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Do you remember the bags you get when you order anything online? These bags are widely used and are internationally recognized as "Courier bags". In India, they are sometimes called self-adhesive bags or tamper-proof courier bags. because of the property that once sealed, the bags won't open again. One has to tear-down the bag to reach the containment. This ensures the safety of the containment till it reaches to the intended hands (customers). Constant innovations have resulted in pasting a bubble sheet for extra cushioning and padding inside of the bags. Pick the one which suits your need.