BOPP tapes is rather a technical or industrial name. In other mass of public, it is also known as self-adhesive tapes. As widely known, tapes are an essential part of any form of packaging. We have a wide range of transparent, semi-transparent and color tapes available with us. We know that tapes can also serve as branding medium and this is exactly why big e-commerce companies always uses their branded tapes.

We sell printed tapes too. Custom printed tapes is a mass medium of branding and is an integral part of the your packaging. Here are the best quality self adhesive tapes which you can buy online. In case you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to connect with us through chat, e-mail or by dialing the toll-free number.  


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BOPP tapes are also known as Self Adhesive Tapes or simply, adhesive tapes. Ever since its invention in 1845, adhesive tapes have been an integral part of life of the common people. The adhesive tapes falls under the category of pressure sensitive tapes. This is one of the most common type of tapes because of its easy application. They are generally used to pack the boxes. Since the era of overseas business have started, the tapes are also considered as one of the branding medium. Even these days, it is common that the big e-commerce companies and even small and medium segment businesses are using tapes with their brand printed on it to ensure that there secondary or tertiary packaging carry their brand name and add-on to their brand-reliance and values.